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  • Human Resources

    People are attracted by promising and prospering career, retained by excellent mechanism and trained by strict assessment. People who plough more will gain more.

  • Management

    The best management is to conform with human nature whereas the most effective is the simplest; to make staff active through respecting their will and excellent system.

  • Interests

    The interests of a team always transcend those of individuals. Corresponding assessment should be transparent, reasonable and humanized.

  • Customers

    Customers are our God and commitment is our top concern.

  • Leadership

    Leaders should respect and care about their subordinates, being prestigious and trusty.

  • Employees

    Serving the company and society honestly and diligently, being loyal to family and treating the elders with filial respect.

  • Corporation

    1. To provide customers with clean and effective distributed energy solutions and core equipment and bear the responsibility of creating a harmonious society. 2. To cultivate a group of outstanding company talents by continuous training and education.