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The First Concrete was Poured for Fuqing 5


Construction of the fifth unit of Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant began on 7 May 2015.It is the first demonstration project for the Hualong One (updated CPR-1000) design, Generation Ⅲ nuclear technology independently developed by China. CPECC, subsidiary of Energy China, is involved in the engineering for the conventional island. After the US, France and Russia, China became one of the few countries with Generation Ⅲ nuclear technology.

The fifth unit is constructed by the highest safety standards internationally. It is scheduled to be in operation within 60 to 70 months and connected to the grid. East China Electric Power Design Institute of China Power Engineering Consulting Group (ECEPDI) makes use of its abundant experiences in the engineering for conventional island of nuclear power plant, as well as its achievements in AP1000. Through technological innovation and evaluation on design scheme, ECEPDI finished the conventional island design using advanced digital design platform and laid a solid foundation for the successful completion of the project.