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Energy China Listed in Fortune 500 For Two Consecutive Years, 74 Places Higher


On July 22, 2015, the latest Fortune 500 list was released. Energy China was listed in the Fortune 500 for the second time with operating revenues of USD30.322 billion in 2014, ranking 391th in the list, 74 places higher compared to last year. This indicates that Energy China has consolidated its position as a world-class conglomerate and its corporate value and comprehensive strength are demonstrated on the global stage.

Faced with complicated and severe domestic and international economic situation and arduous reform and development tasks in 2014, Energy China made strenuous efforts to maintain growth, lower cost and increase profits, and made all-round progress in operation, development quality, comprehensive strength, brand and image. In 2014, its operating revenues and profits jumped 13.76% and 40.14% year-on-year respectively, total assets were considerably increased, core competence in all business segments was further enhanced, and its capability of sustainable development was obviously improved.

As the most renowned and authoritative list to gauge large companies worldwide, Fortune 500 selects the world’s 500 largest companies every year with the previous year’s operating revenues as the main basis. In 2015, the threshold to Fortune 500 is USD23.7 2billion, similar with last year. The total revenues of all companies listed in Fortune 500 are USD31.2 trillion, increased by 0.49% than the previous year; however, profits are decreased by 14.76% to USD1.67 trillion. China has now been home to the world's second-largest number of Fortune 500 companies for five consecutive years. According to this year's Fortune 500 list, the number of shortlisted Chinese companies rose for the 12th year in a row to 106. Notably, the majority of the shortlisted 106 Chinese companies were State-owned, with 47 directly under the control of the State Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.